In conversation he spews more and more details about the holocaust, about the camps, relates horrifying events. For 20 years the Berlin-based artist Erik Schiemann has been photographing in concentration camps throughout Europe, 10 of them in black and white only, and has amassed a huge visual archive dealing with what it looks like to […]


“My interest in history and the way it is represented in photography arose when I moved to Berlin from the West in 1992. The Berlin streets in the post-wall period required vigorous photographic presence and thus, my curiosity pushed me to start working instantly. I joined in with a group of students and photographers working […]

Back To Berlin. On September 20, 2014 the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art will inaugurate a first set of exhibitions curated by Dr. Aya Lurie, the museum’s new director and chief curator, together with artists and curators from Israel and abroad. The international Back to Berlin project includes solo and group exhibitions by Israeli and […]


Over the last twenty years, ever since completing his studies in photography and art, German-born Erik Schiemann has been systematically photographing extermination camps across Europe. I met him in the Sachsenhausen Museum and Memorial. When we started talking, he was busy capturing the little details, an act that seemed to express a desire to understand something more […]


Gotthold Wilhelm Theodor Starke, 1943 Gesandtschaftsrat und Leiter des Referats Osteuropa in der Presse- und Nachrichtenabteilung des Auswärtigen Amts in Berlin, beschreibt in seinen “Aufzeichnungen über die Lage der Ostarbeiter in Deutschland” eindrücklich ihre Situation: “3. Das Problem der Minderjährigen. Es entzieht sich meiner Kenntnis, aus welchen Gründen die deutschen Stellen eine grosse Anzahl Kinder […]


Zum Gedenken an die Novemberpogrome 1938. Ausstellung vom 7. November bis 5. Dezember 2013.