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Back To Berlin. On September 20, 2014 the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art will inaugurate a first set of exhibitions curated by Dr. Aya Lurie, the museum’s new director and chief curator, together with artists and curators from Israel and abroad.

The international Back to Berlin project includes solo and group exhibitions by Israeli and international artists whose work is affected by their stay or residency in Berlin and coping with its charged past. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany. It seems that the complex and enduring relationship between the nations continues to captivate us and to simultaneously search for a suitable articulation space that has yet to be exhausted. The exhibitions provide a fascinating perspective on how a contemporary culture of memory takes shape among artists that may be grouped in the “third generation”.

The exhibition is accompanied by a booklet of articles written by Dr. Boaz Neumann, Prof. Dana Arieli and curators Amir Fattal and Stephan Köhler, Sapir Hubermann and Dr. Aya Lurie. During the exhibition period, the museum will offer a diverse program of meetings, lectures and gallery talks.

Two new exhibitions that represent a dialogue with the museum’s permanent collection are displayed under the title Collection + verticals, a solo exhibition by the artist Zvi Lachman, and an exhibition of the Jacob Alkow Collection, curated by k1p3 Architects, which brings new perspectives to the traditional display.